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H – Spa by Tiara Mustika Spa 
Spa Package

Refresh your body, mind and soul 
Menyegarkan Jiwa & Raga


1. H –Spa Chocolate Ritual

Begin Your Ritual with Foot Wash, then will be treated by cocoa scrub and followed by Body Mask. To relax your muscles and joint, continue your ritual treatment with Aromatherapy Massage and Face Massage to complete your journey. The Ritual will end with a Romantic Bath

Total Time : 180’
Price :
IDR 1.178.000 (Single)
IDR 2.128.000 (Double)

Treatments :
- Foot wash
- Chocolate Scrub
- Chocolate Body Mask
- Aromatherapy Body Massage
- Face Massage
- Romantic Chocolate Jacuzzi Bath

2. H-Spa Hot Stone Body Ritual

Start your experience with foot wash, then begin your ritual treatment with soothing Hot Stone Massage over your body for warm sensation and perfectly eliminate your stiffness. Treatment ritual will complete with Face Massage

Total Time : 90’
Price :
IDR    698.000 (Single)
IDR 1.328.000 (Couple)

Treatments :
- Foot Wash
- Hot Stone Massage
- Face Massage

3. H-Spa Relaxing Ritual

Treatment stars with from a serving of Traditional Foot Wash which consists of traditional hand massage with Aromatherapy Oil that gives your body, mind and soul a really relaxing experience. Treatment is followed by manual Facial.

Total Time : 150’
Price :
IDR    728,000 (Single)
IDR 1,338,000 (Couple)

Treatments :
- Foot Wash
- Aromatherapy Body Massage
- Facial Tiara Mustika

4. H-Spa Refreshing Ritual

Beat stress and fatigue with comfortly Foot Wash,and treatment will start with removing all Dead skin from your body with Lemon Scrub that would give one good excited treatment, then following with Aromatherapy Body Massage end with softly face massage.

Total Time : 120’

Price : 
IDR    708.000 (Single)
IDR 1.348.000 (Couple)

5. H-Spa Energizing Ritual

As the name says it all, treatment will begin with foot wash, and followed by Aromatic Massage to relieve fatique and soreness muscle with relaxing sea salt bath that brings relaxation to the muscles and the entire body.

Total Time : 120’

Price :
IDR    708.000 (Single)
IDR 1.348.000 (Couple)

Treatments :
Foot Wash
Sea Salt Relaxing Bath
Aromatherapy Body Massage
Face Massage

6. H-Spa Traditional Body Ritual

Originated from Java Island, this treatment start with foot wash, then combination technique javanese massage, body scrub will be your next treatment and followed by palm pressure, deep Javanese massage and soothing you face massage.

At the end session, couple will be srved with different treatment such as intimacy care (for ladies) and foot massage (for man).

Total Time : 135’
Price : 
IDR    838.000 (Single)
IDR 1.598.000 (Couple)

Treatments :
- Foot Wash
- Javanese Body Scrub
- Traditional Body Massage + Face Massage
- Ratus Dedes (For Ladies)
- Foot Massage (For Men)

7. H-Spa Detox Body Ritual

Start the treatment with traditional Foot Wash, followed by sea salt body scrub that have good effect for allergy or sensitive skin. Continue with Mud Mask to perfectly remove toxin from our body, followed by An Aromatic massage to expedite blood circulation that will give strength for the body. Your journey will end with sea salt mint bath.

Total Time : 150’
Price :
IDR 1.188.000 (Single)
IDR 2.138.000 (Couple)

Treatments :
- Foot Wash
- Sea Salt Body Scrub
- Volcano Mud Body Mask
- Aromatherapy Body Massage
- Sea Mint Bath

8. H-Spa Whitening Body Ritual

Begin your ritual journey with Foot Wash, then following with Lemon Body Scrub and Body Mask "An Aromatic massage and Milk Bath will continue the ritual that give unforgettable experience," At the end of session Couple serve with different treatment such as Intimacy Care ( For Ladies ) and Foot Massage (For Man)

Total Time : 180’
Price :
IDR 1.338.000 (Single)
IDR 2.408.000 (Couple)

Treatments :
- Foot Wash
- Lemon Body Scrub
- Lemon Body Mask
- Aromatherapy Body Massage
- Milk Bath
- Ratus Dedes (For Ladies)
- Foot Massage (For Men)

9. H-Spa Herbal Compress Ritual

Begin your experience with traditional foot wash, specially designed to make you feel energized. An hour of Aromatic Massage will improve blood circulation and following will be Hot Herbal Compress over your body for warm sensation and perfectly rejuvenated for life challenges.

Total Time : 90’
Price : 
IDR 698.000 (Single)
IDR 1.328.000 (Couple)

Ala Carte

1. Body Scrub : IDR 338.000
*In Gazebo       : IDR 398.000

Choice of Scrubs:

 -Javanese Scrub

-Balinese Scrub ( Murut )

-Cocoa Body Scrub

-Cinnamon Body Scrub

-Lemon Body Scrub

-Sea Salt Body Scrub

2. Body Mask : IDR 298.000
*In Gazebo      : IDR 358.000
*Masker Lumpur : IDR 328.000

Choice of Masks:
Javanese Body Mask

Balinese Mask

Cocoa Body Mask

Lemon Body Mask

Mud Body Mask

3. Bath Ritual : IDR 218.000
*Jacuzzi : IDR 298.000

Choice of Baths:
- Milk Bath
- Relaxing Sea Salt Bath
- Romantic Cocoa Bath

4. Traditional Body Massage 60’ : IDR 308.000
*In Gazebo : IDR 368.000
Traditional Body Massage 90’ : IDR 398.000
*In Gazebo : IDR 478.000
Traditional Body Massage 120’ : IDR 498.000
*In Gazebo : IDR 578.000

5. Aromatherapy Body Massage 60’ : IDR 358.000
*In Gazebo : IDR 418.000
Aromatherapy Body Massage 90’ : IDR 448.000
*In Gazebo : IDR 498.000
Aromatherapy Body Massage 120’ : IDR 548.000
*In Gazebo : IDR 598.000

6. Herbal compress Treatment 90'  IDR 698.000 

7. Facial Tiara Mustika : IDR 308,000

Basic facial is the classic approach in sustaining a clear and renewed complexion for all skin types. This treatment comprises of cleansing, exfoliating, a relaxing face massage and conclude the refreshing journey with Bengkoang natural mask.

Deep Cleansing Tiara Mustika : IDR 428.000

Deep-cleansing facial is a treatment comprising of cleansing, exfoliating, relaxing face massage, extractions to remove pore-clogging sebum (blackheads or whiteheads) and is completed with Bengkoang natural mask to make your face fresh and bright.

Facial Bio-Cell : IDR 368.000

The Facial Treatment helps to reduce wrinkles at your mature age with series of biocell algae revitalizing total treatment, containing algium C from brown algae which improve collagen function, act as antioxidant and protect skin's gelatin to maintain tightness, supple and smooth skin. With intensive treatment, you'll have your youthful skin for a longer time.

Whitening Facial Treatment : IDR 418.000

This treatment consists of cleansing, exfoliating, facial massage and is also equipped with Vit-C mask. With intensive care, your skin will be fresher, brighter, and look younger.

8. Exotic Therapy : IDR 228.000

Exotic therapy / Ear candle treatment begins with face refreshing massage and completed by ear wax. This treatment helps to refresh the face, remove toxins, also prevents the sinuses and helps eliminate insomnia.

9. Ratus V-Spa : IDR 188.000

10. Foot Spa (Ladies) : IDR 318.000
Foor Spa (Men) : IDR 358.000

11.   Hand Spa (Ladies) : IDR 218.000
Hand Spa (Men) : IDR 298.000